Gianni Schicchi - Corina van Eijk

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Gianni Schicchi - Corina van Eijk
Corina van Eijk - Gianni Schicchi illustration

Gianni Schicchi

Corina van Eijk

Genre : Films musicaux

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Date de sortie: 28 28 2016

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When the rich and powerful Buoso Donati dies, his family’s excitement about his estate is infinitely greater than their sorrow over his loss. They start searching for his will like a flock of hungry vultures. Apparently Donati has bequeathed everything to a monastery. There is absolutely no way they will allow this to happen. They come up with a trick. Rinuccia, the youngest scion of the family, suggests asking Gianni Schicchi, the father of her lover, for advice. They shudder at the mention of his name, but Gianni Schicchi is already on his way and proves to be a man with ideas.

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