Labyrinth Within - Pontus Lidberg

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Labyrinth Within - Pontus Lidberg
Pontus Lidberg - Labyrinth Within illustration

Labyrinth Within

Pontus Lidberg

Genre : Films musicaux

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Date de sortie: 26 26 2014

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A haunting take on jealousy, this existential thriller posits a man, a woman, and an elusive lover in a series of intense pas de deux in a stark apartment that becomes a fourth character. Danced to a commissioned score by David Lang with solo cello by Maya Beiser, the work features NYCB principal Wendy Whelan, Giovanni Bucchieri and Swedish choreographer Pontus Lidberg, (The Rain, Mirror) also known for his work with Morphoses. 2012 Dance on Camera Festival Jury Prize Winner for Best Picture.

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